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Get Your Kids To Read!

It's not easy to tear your kids away from their video games. 

But it's so important to get kids to not only read,

but LOVE to read!

It's even better if the book is filled with fascinating facts

about exotic places that pique their interest.

I try to write books that will help maintain the moral compass

you as parents try so hard to instill in them.

To write books that educate as well as entertain.

Stories that parents and grandparents can read to the kids to make lasting memories and give them quality time together.

Books that open the door to sensitive issues

for meaningful discussions.

Book Cover for 'The Snow Lord and the Spring Fairy'

The Snow Lord

and the

Spring Fairy

My new children's book is
available on Amazon!

To celebrate the release of my new book I'll be selling it to YOU for the same price I buy it for!


Get your copies from ME

(instead of Amazon)

and I'll autograph them and send them to your child.

Kids LOVE getting mail!

Amazon will charge you $13.99 plus tax. I'll sell them to you for $10.

No tax and free shipping.

I'll never sell your info. I just want to get the book to as many kids as possible and get their reaction. For a sneak preview of the first three chapters click this link:


I recently had the pleasure of doing a live book reading

for my grandkids JT and Evie,

at their Elementary School in Sewell, NJ!

Thank you to Mrs. Armenia, Mr. Severino,

Mrs. Bruno, Mrs. Goldberg and

Mr. Pollock for having me!

Lisa Brooks reads her book to school children in New Jersey
Lisa Brooks, author, childrens books reads to school children
Author reads 'There's A Monster In My Closet!' to her grandkids classmates
School children write a Thank You letter to Lisa Brooks for reading to them!

What people are saying about

'There's a Monster In My Closet!'

"I teach pre-K students. 'There's a Monster In My Closet!' is already 'well-loved'! It's the first book off the shelf when I ask the children what story they want me to read to them."
 Mrs. Cook
"My daughter was thrilled when the book came in the mail addressed to her. She rarely puts it down. She even takes it to bed with her every night!" Shannon F.
"My grandson carries 'There's a Monster In My Closet!' everywhere he goes. He used to be afraid that there was  monster in his closet and now he wishes there really was one in there!" Mina D.
"I keep 'There's a Monster In My Closet!' on the nightstand in the guest bedroom. My grandkids always want me to read it to them when they stay overnight. To be truthful, I enjoy the story myself!" Tom K.
"I purchased this book because both of my children were afraid of monsters in their closets. Now, that actually HOPE there's a monster living in there! Great story. My kids loved it... so will yours!"  
Deneen S.
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