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After the Paradise Prince lost his princess in a tragic accident, he couldn't bear to live on their beautiful, tropical island anymore. Grief-striken, he moved to the most desolate place on earth -- the Antarctic. Now known as the Snow Lord, he lives in an ice castle with his new and only friend, an albatross named Riley. Evolet, the Spring Fairy, knew her flowers couldn't survive in the Snow Lord's icy domain, but she planted them anyway. Now she's his captive -- confined to a cage. She must find a way to to escape or there won't be any flowers this spring. How? She'll have to rely on the same plucky optimism that got her into this mess.

This 6x9 inch paperback book has ten, full color illustrations that bring the story to life. The story gently introduces kids to love, grief, enviornmentalism and the preservation of resources for the future. Written for 9-12 year olds, the story can be read to children as young as 5 years old.

The Snow Lord and the Spring Fairy

SKU: 1772
  • Read three chapters before you buy:

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