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Who is Lisa Brooks?

Lisa Brooks, author
Lisa Brooks, author and her husband Robert Brooks on their wedding day 2012
As both a mother and a grandmother I realize that it's just as important to know WHO is writing your child's books as well as what they are about.
I am a married, Christian woman who recently retired after a long career as a registered nurse. Initially I began writing for my three grandchildren who were the main characters in the stories. Encouraged by family and friends I decided to publish some of them. I was delighted when many readers as well as teachers praised my work.
It's so hard to get kids to read in today's world with television, movies and the Internet competing for their attention. I believe the only way is to give them stories that ignite their imaginations, inspire their creativity, encourage them to set high goals for themselves and unleash their curiosity about our world.
My stories are filled with fun facts that educate as well as entertain. My goal is to instill kids with a passion for reading that will last a lifetime.
Most importantly, I believe that authors have an obligation to their young readers to be positive role models and to strengthen the morals and behaviors their parents try so hard to instill in them every day.
I promise that I will never trick, mislead or misinform your children in my books. I vow to do everything I can to keep them on the path to become good, solid, moral people who have a love of God and country. To not only strive to be happy, successful adults but also responsible, caring people who love and respect their families, friends, neighbors, and community.
I believe that our children are our most precious possessions. I am truly honored to be entrusted with their time and attention. With God's help I will never let you down.

My Family

Lisa Brooks, author and her family
Best Christmas Photo ever! Lisa Brooks, authors' grandchildren
Lisa Brooks, author and her husband
Author Lisa Brooks and her entire family 2016
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