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Check frequently to see what we're up to! Book Signings, Special Sales, Newly Released Books, etc!

Free Books! 

Is your child a critic? Great! It's helpful for an author to know as much about their readers as possible. So I'm looking for kids to read my books FOR FREE! All they have to do is give me some very honest and useful feedback. The data will help me see what age groups enjoy which books. If boys enjoy certain titles as much as girls. Just send me your info (which will NOT be shared with anyone) and if your child is chosen, I'll send them at least one book to read and review. Just fill out a short questionnaire so I can see which book(s) would be appropriate for your child. This offer also includes free delivery. I'll even give you a self addressed and stamped envelope to return your child's report. 

After the Paradise Prince lost his princess in a tragic accident,

he couldn’t bear to live on their beautiful, tropical island anymore.

Grief-stricken, he moved to the most desolate place on earth – the Antarctic.

Now known as the Snow Lord, he lives in an ice castle with his only friend,

an albatross named Riley.

Evolet, the Spring Fairy, knew her flowers couldn’t survive

in the Snow Lord’s icy domain, but she planted them anyway.

Now she’s his captive – confined to a cage.

She must find a way to escape or there won’t be any flowers this spring. How?

She’ll have to rely on the same plucky optimism that got her into this mess.

Another Book Reading at Hurffville Elementary School in Sewell, NJ

March 14, 2018 Grades 3rd and 5th

I'll be reading 'The Snow Lord and The Spring Fairy' to the 3rd and 5th graders today! Autographed copies available at a special price!


Book Reading and Lunch at Hurffville Elementary School in Sewell, NJ February 6, 2017
I'll be doing another reading of 'There's a Monster In My Closet!' at The Hurffville Elementary School but this time I'll join the kids for lunch!


Book Reading at Hurffville Elementary School in Sewell, NJ February 1, 2017
I'll be reading 'There's a Monster In My Closet!' to select classes followed by a question and answer period.


Book Signing and Sale December 5, 2015 1-3pm
La Mia Couture 114 Bellvue Avenue, Hammonton, NJ 08037
Adorable boutique for little princesses! Tea and slumber parties, one of a kind outfits, guest princesses, photo ops, etc. I'll be there on December 5, from 1-3PM, but at 1:30, I'll personally read the book to all the children who are in the store. Lots of fun for all of us!
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