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Good To Know!

Whether you're a new and eager to learn parent or grandparent,

have years of experience behind you, are a teacher or a professional Nanny,

we can all use helpful hints in raising the best kids we can!

I'd like to compile a running list of comments, suggestions, questions

or awesome finds to share with other care givers.

Please feel free to add anything you deem important or awesome! 

According to 'Brightly' (one of my favorite web sites) reading aloud to children has so many more benefits than you might think! Even kids up to 14 enjoy being read to as well as reading aloud to others. For starters, routinely reading aloud to kids before bed almost always becomes a cherished memory for both the child and the adult and may very well start a family tradition to be passed down for generations to come. Besides that when a child is read to it increases their reading comprehension, helps them pronounce words correctly, expands their vocabulary, introduces them to authors and genres they might otherwise avoid, helps foster awareness and empathy and so much more. Not to mention giving you the so much needed one on one quality time today's families desperately need. To read more about this important topic please click this link:  Brightly

Tell Us What You Know!

Don't Be Shy!

What you need to know about


It affects all of us. We need to learn all we can about it in order to protect our children and keep them from participating in this cruel practice. Please read the literature below and share it with others. Most importantly, talk to your children. They are never too young to start!  

HELP! My child is being
Help your child develop great social skills!
Signs your child is being bullied
How To Handle
Sibling Rivalry
My child is a bully!
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