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The Snow Lord and The Spring Fairy


After the Paradise Prince lost his princess in a tragic accident, he couldn't bear to live on their beautiful, tropical island anymore.

Grief-stricken, he moved to the most desolate place on earth—the Antarctic.

Now known as the Snow Lord,

he lives in an ice castle with his only friend,

an albatross named Riley. Evolet, the Spring Fairy, knew her flowers couldn't

survive in the Snow Lord's icy domain,

but she planted them anyway.

Now she's his captive—confined to a cage.

She must find a way to escape

or there won't be any flowers this spring. How? She'll have to rely on the same plucky optimism

that got her into this mess.



Appropriate for kids ages 8-11 years old.


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There's a Monster In My Closet!

Children's Book 'There's a Monster In My Closet!'

Did you ever wonder what makes those bumps

you hear in the middle of the night?

Where are those shadows on the wall coming from? Is that doorknob really turning?

Every child thinks there's a monster

living in their closet.

But one night, JT finds out he's right!

And JT's monster believes there's a monster

living in his closet. He's right too. It's JT!

Follow along as these two young boys in

'There's a Monster In My Closet!'

go from fear to friendship

and learn that just because you're different

doesn't mean you're a monster.


Appropriate for kids 3-11 years old.

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What people are saying...

 A refresing story in this day and age where people are so quick to judge each other. In this story two boys learn what's in the inside of a person is far more important than what you can actually see.

Lisa Dresbach


What a great story! I was a bit hesitant to give this book to my little ones as they were already afraid a monster was living in their closet, but now, they actually hope there's one in there!

Deneen Smith


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